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There are different treatments which could be used to make skin look healthy and rejuvenated.  One popular treatment is provided by a microdermabrasion machine which is able to treat acne, scars and remove dead skin cells.  When dead skin cells linger, the skin can become unattractive and dead skin can also block the surface or pores of the skin.  Hence, it is beneficial to gently and safely clear away a dull layer of skin and provide an opportunity for healthy skin to surface and thrive.

To achieve soft, younger-looking skin with a natural glow, exfoliation of the skin’s outer layeroccurs through the use of abrasive substances or crystals.  Different types of crystals can be used including crystals made from aluminum oxide, sodium chloride and sodium bicarbonate.  In some cases, magnesium oxide may also be used.  However, the type of crystal used can also contribute to the cost of the machine.  Hence, people seeking a less expensive produce usually buy products that use aluminum oxide.  Since products with aluminum oxide are more commonly purchased and used, these products could also be considered relatively safe as a result of the lack of many unfavorable incidents occurring due to their use on a person’s skin.  Products can cost as low as a few thousands of dollars.  However, there are more expensive products available.

Lower grade machines may be purchased and used in homes, while the more expensive products are typically heavy-duty items that are meant for professional use.  Hence, the professional grade machines are more expensive because of the need for multiple and frequent use.  There are also machines that use diamond particles as an abrasive tip.  Both the aluminum oxide crystals and the diamond particles serve the same purpose of removing outer layer skin to reveal a fresh new layer of skin.  The microdermabrasion machine has a pump which is used in spraying the aluminum oxide crystals on the skin.

As the exfoliation process begins, the abrasive nature of the crystals begins to lift the dead skin from the surface.  When exfoliation is complete, the same pumpsucks the dead cells into a container, which can later be emptied.  Tubes are attached to the pump and one tube may send the abrasive material to the skin, while another tube serves as the link to the container that collects the discarded pieces of dead skin.  In addition to the pump and tubes, a wand may be used to touch the customer’s skin as the microdermabrasion process occurs.  Wands indicate when it is time for the pump to begin removing the crystals that were originally deposited and the dead skin that resulted from the use of the crystals.

The person operating the Microdermabrasion Machine touches the skin of the customer with the tip of the wand and activates the sucking action of the pump.  As the dead skin cells are removed, clean, attractive and rejuvenated skin appears.  The popularity of microdermabrasion procedures occurs because of immediate results that can seem somewhat amazing to customers who see their healthy skin revealed.

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