Fountain Drink Machine with Ice Maker

A cold and a refreshing drink after a long stretch is very relaxing right? So, if you plan to open a restaurant or bar, it is extremely important that you make your patrons comfortable and keep them at ease, so that they can enjoy their drinks while chatting with business associates or friends. Purchasing a quality commercial ice machine becomes vital for any kind of restaurant or bar, in order to have a continuous supply of ice for serving any kind of cold beverage.

Depending on the type of condenser, commercial ice makers come in one of three types: Air Cooled, Remote Air Cooled, and Water Cooled.

The least expensive of the three is air cooled condenser and it uses more energy in operation. They do however use less water but they are noisier to operate. You may initially save the money with the lower cost to purchase, but with rising in energy cost makes your operating expenses will be higher.

The ice-making process can require anywhere from 15 to 45 gallons of water per 100 pounds of ice in a water cooled ice maker. It is quieter to operate and with the self-cleaning model you can save the labor cost needed to clean the unit and expect a longer life.

The remote air cooled condenser transfers the heat generated by the ice making process outside the building thus saving energy. It is also quieter to operate since the condenser is outside.

Depending on the type of ice being produced, commercial ice machines are of three types: Cube Ice Makers, Flake Ice Makers or Nugget Ice Maker.

Cube ice makers are generally used for making two styles of ice cube – full cube and half cube.

It also produces ice cube shapes like square cube, falcate, pillow shaped, or other rectangular sizes. More than about 80% of ice machines sold in the U.S. produce cube ice.

Flake snow maker is perfect for frozen food as it fills the air spaces and does not allow the ice to melt. It is mainly used for preserving the seafood, meats or other cold prepared food in buffets or displays by packing the food pans in ice or setting the food platters on the ice. A flake ice maker is ideal for the merchants dealing with food products.

Nugget ice makers are mainly used by the restaurant or bar proprietors who deal with soft drinks and other beverages. Ice Nuggets are considered chewable and customers love them.

So, buying commercial ice machine is an important investment. If you want to buy the best commercial ice machine for your restaurant, always consider your business or product needs before purchasing in order to get the right machine for your business.

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