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Home Network News HC : Set of water purification, water feature in one of the world’s first product?? America’s multi-drink machine turned out to the net. April 15, the U.S. multi-purpose net drink machine, “the world’s first Net drink one” New conference in Shanghai landmark?? Global

Financial Center was held to a high-profile gesture before the former Expo appearance. America’s multi-drink machine in the introduction of the net will be clean water, drinking water function combined to meet the multiple needs of the household drinking water is a major change in the family way of drinking water.

America’s net new drink machine listed conference held in Shanghai

Life of electrical appliances, according to the U.S. president Zhenshao Jiang introduction, we have been concerned about consumer demand and worries. As

Water appliances Industry leader, the United States concentrated study of long-term family health problem of drinking water. This time, the first launch of the revolutionary family health drinking water, and updating of products: water, drinking water, drink machine combo of the net. Chen also revealed that the total in 2010, the United States will be spending huge sums in the

Shunde Covering 500 acres, water purification products, production capacity, from the current 500 million raised to 10 million units of new water

Home Appliances Industrial Park, and plans to invest 300 million the next three years, as net drink machine product marketing.

It is understood the family there are three main drawbacks of drinking water.

Water pollution in the transportation process, bottled water, its poor quality and poor quality of water appliances drinking water is harmful to the health of consumers three important factors.

China CDC director of the environment LI Ya-Dong believes that the current water pollution is worsening, “black heart of water”, “1000 boiling water,” “secondary pollution” and other issues are threatening the health of consumers, the U.S. multi- The birth of the net drink machine functions, satisfy consumer demand for healthy drinking water, but also to enhance China’s drinking water health to a new height.

U.S. multi-function net drinking water machine subvert the traditional mode of innovation to the water, drinking water, cooling and heating functions and into the body, and has three innovative technologies that best suit the convenience of consumers, safe and healthy drinking water.

13 new models of net national drink machine starting (

HC Family with map grid ) Innovation I: Integrated water drinking water

U.S. net drink machine will be multi-functional lamps and electron pressure boiling water technology together to achieve any filtration, refrigeration, heating, drinking water to meet the multiple needs of families. Also built the original pool, you can directly add water, allow consumers to bid farewell to heavy bottled water. Integrated design, reasonable structure, made up of traditional machine with a bucket of water brought about by the combined use of non-convenience.

Innovative technology II: fully closed Filtration System

Unique to the United States closed all

Filtration system, compared with the conventional filtration system, filter faster, better. The products imported by South Korea’s filter, the water can be filtered through layers of various micro-organisms, bacteria, impurities, heavy metals and the elimination of scale, so that consumers can achieve a healthy drinking water at all times; its built-in effective pressure pump to 1.5Pa, treatment speed increase tenfold, every minute up to 600ml, the consumer can always drink fresh water, this technology enables consumers to experience the process of drinking water safety and confidence.

Innovative technology 3: 100 really boiling

Existing traditional Drinking , Heat lamps built-in, can not really heated to boiling. America’s multi-net drink machine, follow the unique beauty of boiling bile technology, truly 100 boiling, and put an end to repeated heating. At the same time facilitate the demolition of an external boiling bile, scale and easy to clean, drinking water is more suitable for family use, with the net with boiling bile drink machines, healthy drinking water easier.

Chen Gang, deputy secretary general of Association of Chinese home appliance that, in terms of diversification of product features, or from the product technology integration, the United States and the introduction of multi-net drink machines have greatly enhanced the United States and the core competitiveness of the products. Net by the U.S. multi-functional health drink machine to create new ways of drinking water, giving consumers more convenience and health, while the water will lead to a far-reaching changes in household appliances.

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